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My 15 minutes of fame …

‘In the future everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes.’ Andy Warhol

I’m not so sure. Do you think that Andy got it right?

You could hardly call what I’m about to share with you world fame but to me it was a few special moments in a small spotlight that recognised my growing talent.

Early in 2013 I made a lovely delicate necklace that caught the eye of the owner of my fave online bead store, Judith from Beads Online. She contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reworking it to be appropriate for the April Birthstone tutorial project in Australian Beading Magazine. She would supply the materials, I would be paid to design the piece AND I would get design credit under the Beads Online banner. Of course I was interested!! And so began a great partnership.April Birthstone

At the time there were only two prominent Australian beading magazines – Australian Beading and Creative Beading – and my designs were being published in both! You can imagine my excitement! Here is a selection of some of my published designs.Vintage Blooms

Hearts and Flowers CB 201201 Vol8 No2 pg1

Pretty Vintage Set pg1

Cameo Hairbands

Twilight Guardian

After after a hectic and exciting 12 months circumstances changed and Judith was ready to takeover the reigns of submitting her own designs for advertising purposes again so I took a chance and submitted my very first design solely as Sister in Style to Australian Beading Magazine. Little did I know at the time that it would be the amazing Kelli Norton’s last edition as editor. She blew me out of the water by accepting my design immediately. She has since gone on to launch her own Digital Beading magazine.Australian Beading _ Issue 6.5 pg1-page-001

Next time I thought I might share with you where I gather inspiration for my creations. You won’t believe some of them!

Until next time, stay stylish.