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Get the Look – You can have your pants AND wear them both ways!

You can have your pants AND wear them both ways!



I never used to really like orange all that much but now it seems I just cannot get enough. Recently I have bought clothes, shoes and  a handbag in a variety of shades of orange. Even my lash extensions have a flash of orange on the outer edges. What was I thinking before? I LOVE ORANGE!


Pants! Print pants! Long, soft, cool, cotton, print pants!

I had several pairs of print pants last season and thought I was over that love affair but it seems not. Although, as with most things, my taste in print has changed this year – out with floral and in with monochrome! Best of both worlds, I can team them with monochrome or beloved brights, dress them up or down.

The meat in this fashion sandwich is the gorgeous monochrome printed silk-twill pants. For a quick bite, team them with a bright orange top and flat, strappy sandals. A colour blocked straw fedora, multicolour handbag and your order is ready.

For a more upmarket establishment we’ll try the monochromatic top with black strappy heels and a side order of funky, striped clutch.


No sandwich is complete without condiments, so too, no outfit is complete without accessories!

These tops are a similar style and both have wide crew… round… almost boat necklines making them fairly easy to accessorise. You will want to go with a longer necklace that doesn’t interfere with the neckline itself and you have an expanse of fabric waiting to be enhanced!

Tread Lightly is my necklace of choice for our ‘quick bite’ outfit. The long silver chain, black enamel curved bars and embossed heart pendant all tie in perfectly. Team it with the Orange Floral earrings and and a black and white Abstract ring and you’ll have them eating out of your hand.

Let’s infuse a little colour pop into our ‘a la carte’ outfit with Alectrona and Heart on Fire earrings that will have them begging to take your order.


Having a quick bite at your local Farmer’s Market or favourite deli OR dining a la carte, that part is entirely up to you!