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Get the Look – Stripe it Lucky

Lucky Stripe November Blog option



I am still loving BRIGHTS! This time it is hot pink! Pink is such a feminine, girly colour in all its shades. For me, hot pink is ‘the one’ that catches my eye. But she really is just a back up singer to ‘The Stripes’ for this number.



Knee length, A-line, pleated or softly gathered. My waist is small but my bum is not so these are perfect for me. I have managed to add a few to my wardrobe already this season thanks to Peter Morrissey for Big W. Flats for work, heels for out. I love an outfit that can multi-task.

The main act at this show is the striped, pleated A-line skirt but team it with the hot pink top and you have really got something to sing about!

Midweek matinee? Flats in your choice of black or pink. I couldn’t decide and both are lovely. Grab a big pink tote to hold your essentials and this show is almost on the road.

Saturday night Special? All that needs to change is your heels, again with a choice of black or pink, and out with the tote and in with a cheeky clutch.

Curtains up!


WOW, did somebody say options? I have gone a little mad on options for this outfit!

Let’s start at the top with some hair accessories shall we? Some people wear them, some people don’t but bobbies, clips or bands can make a stylish little addition to your do.

Next stop, ear candy! I’ve selected Fallen Leaves and ‘I love candy’ as my favourites in pink but check out She Leaves and Black Orchid as black alternatives. Or if you search by black or pink on the website you may well come up with something else you prefer.

Short sleeves or bare arms lend themselves to bracelets. I love the freshness of the flowers in Perfect Happiness by day and the sparkle and pop of Pink Paua for night.

A scoop neckline works best with a necklace that has volume to fill the canvas created by your decolletage and not interfere with the neckline. Enter Spring Lei and ‘I love candy’ for day or  Untamed and Black Lace collar for evening.


Well, I wear mine to work with flats or a small heel but this could easily translate to after work drinks or a show with a quick change of heels and accessories. As always, that part is entirely up to you!