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FREE – Downloadable “Necklaces for Necklines Cheat Sheet”

Want to look like YOU just stepped out of the
pages of a magazine?


Ever been wearing a beautiful dress ready to go out only to find that the necklace you thought would match it perfectly just doesn’t quite work? How do those celebrities make it look so easy – well they’ve got a personal stylist to tell them what to wear…. Stylists know the formula for making an outfit ‘pop’ with the right accessories…Shhh…it’s all in the neckline.


If you want to know the formula professional stylists use to get ‘the look’ for their clients you’re in luck. I’ve put together a ‘cheat sheet’ that tells you exactly which types of necklaces match which necklines – and whats even better is its absolutely free.

  • Wearing the right accessories is possible – its all about styling for the neckline.
  • You don’t need to buy a few pieces ‘just in case’ they don’t work – simple shop for the right style
  • The accessories and outfits you already have can work – its just about matching them correctly

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You need the Cheat Sheet if:

  • You feel rushed when getting ready because you have to try everything on to make sure
  • You have to ask hubby ‘Does this look ok?’ and we all know how much help he is 😉
  • You have to have a ‘backup’ outfit in case this doesn’t work
  • You leave the house feeling … not quite right

When you use the Cheat Sheet:

  • You know exactly the right style to go looking for when shopping for the right piece
  • You can match the necklaces you already have with new outfits with out stress
  • You don’t need to waste money on pieces that don’t work together
  • People will comment on how great you look.. and not be able to put their finger on what it is
“I’ve never known why some times my accessories don’t look the way I thought they would in my head. So I often buy a couple of pieces of jewellery to make sure I’m not disappointed when I get dressed up. With the cheat sheet I can buy exactly the right style to match what I’m going to wear, its saved me loads of time already” – Orissa


Bio picHi, I’m Fiona, the designer here at Sister in Style. People often comment on how ‘well put together’ I look – I’m no professional stylist. In fact by day I’m a full-time working super mum. I hardly find time to get myself and my kids out the door on time. I knew there was a formula for making necklaces look great with every outfit. So I put together this cheat sheet for busy ladies like me to help them get out the door and feel confident that they’ve got it right.


The Sister in Style – Necklaces for Necklines cheat sheet includes:

  • A downloadable file you can save to your computer, tablet or phone
  • Featuring 12 of the most common styles that women are wearing & how to match them
  • Interactive PDF that links to the shop so you can see other examples or shop for your outfit

BONUS – You will automatically become a VIP Sister which entitles you to:

  • a gift on your birthday
  • exclusive studio access to new pieces
  • Weekly update of new designs in the shop
  • Monthly Style Guide – only for VIP Sisters

Have handy access to a professional stylists formula on your phone or print ready.


  • Do I need to buy anything from Sister in Style? No, its a free tool for all women to help them get ready and save money. It can help you selecting from the shop but you don’t have to buy anything from Sister in Style
  • What if what I’m wearing isn’t on the cheat sheet? If there is a style that I’ve missed please let me know. I’m always looking to improve the cheat sheet so I will endeavour to incorporate it into the next version.
  • How does it work? Well, like there is a forumula for matching hairstyles to face shapes and colours to skin tones – there are aesthetic formula’s to making necklines work with necklaces to compliment the shapes.

Look polished and professionally styled every day – provide your details below to get the Cheat Sheet emailed to your right now for FREE.

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