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  • Crown Chakra bracelet

    Crown Chakra Charm Bracelet

    The Crown Chakra charm bracelet is a simple silver plated bangle with the chakra charm, an om symbol charm and two faceted purple agate bead dangles. The bracelet has a diameter of 7cm and…

  • Be Like a Tree Pendant necklace

    Be Like A Tree Pendant Necklace

    Pretty and perfect for layering! The Be Like a Tree pendant necklace has a beautiful laser cut tree of life pendant on lead and nickel free silver plated…

  • Striped howlite & Black crystal drop earrings

    Striped Howlite and Black Crystal Drop Earrings

    Dressed up or dressed down, these striped howlite and black crystal drop earrings are perfectly happy to take you from the beach to the boardroom to the ballroom and back again in perfect style…

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  • Laser Cut White Timber Rose earrings
  • Laser Cut Pink Timber Rose earrings
  • Laser Cut Blue Timber Rose earrings
  • Laser Cut White Timber Leaf earrings
  • Laser Cut Red Timber Leaf earrings

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  • Amethyst & Aqua necklace
  • Candy necklace
  • Sandy Beach necklace
  • Bonfire necklace
  • Raining Fire necklace

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My 15 minutes of fame …

‘In the future everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes.’ Andy Warhol
I’m not so sure. Do you think that Andy got it right?
You could hardly call what I’m about to share with you world fame but to me it was a few special moments in a …

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It all started when …

Can I ask you a question?
When you come across a new website or blog that you like the look of, do you read the ABOUT page? Apparently they are THE most visited page on any website. To tell you the truth, sometimes I do and sometimes I …

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